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Good Web design is essential to every online property. Whether generating leads or selling products, an attractive and functional , usable web site design will keep users on your site. On the other hand, a poor design or confusing navigation will chase users away and most of them will never come back.

A tag line is a statement or a motto that represents your company’s website philosophy & your brand’s value proposition and mission. It should be the most obvious element on a website’s front page and clearly describe the web site valur and promise in one phrase. Statistics show that a web site has just eight seconds to capture a visitor’s attention and cue them to browse the site further. Without a clear tag line a web site will have a hard time keeping visitors long enough to browse the inner pages.

andyalagappan.com   is a leading web design, Blog design , web marketing and e- marketing solutions company. We specialize in developing e-business solutions, for small and medium sized businesses. From coast to coast we have proven to be the logical choice. With over 10 years experience in the e-business, we have been providing our clients with excellence in on line marketing & web site marketing solutions.

Our social media marketing consultation : Social media usage and popularity continues to grow . Customers have the desire to share and learn and conduct reaearch online regarding issues that affect them. Social media sites like facebook , twitter , linkedin etc … etc … etc gives them the platform to do it.

So even though it is a hot topic nowadays, just having a facebook page and some fans isn’t a social media strategy. While social media marketing done properly will give you the unparalleled ability to communicate directly with your customer base with useful information , you need to have a plan. call us today !

The Web is going social and you need be in the conversation. By ignoring it , it wont go away ! This is not a passing Fad !

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