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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) What is it!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) What is it!

Nowadays, nearly all digital marketing teams are being created to drive traffic towards the websites, which further converts into leads for their sales team to close. As this process begins to deliver the desired outcomes, digital marketers then try to generate even more web traffic to garner more success. Few digital marketing teams concentrate on acquiring more from the existing web traffic. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes in.

In this blog post, you will get to know everything about CRO-what it attains, the need to do it and how your digital marketing team can implement it to drive more outcomes from your current web traffic so that your content can work smarter, rather than harder, for your company.

Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Several websites are being tailored to convert the website visitors into permanent customers. These conversions happen all over the website- on its homepage, blog, package page and landing pages and all of these web-pages can further be optimized for a higher quantity of conversions. The procedure of optimizing these conversions is exactly what Conversion Rate Optimization entails. CRO is a massive and is an untapped opportunity for the digital marketing teams across the globe, and you would be amazed with the gigantic impact you could attain through modifying your website for conversions.

When the Conversation Rate Optimization is Right for Your Company?

As your current sales and marketing engine magnetizes the website visitors that constantly convert into leads for your sales team, you must commence pondering about CRO. Nearly all companies have a restricted requirement for their products and services, so it is very important that you reap maximum benefits from your existing website traffic.
As you find out the brink of your customer needs, it is the right time to pin down how to acquire more from your existing website traffic. Check out the following three formulas that can help you to find out the right approach to handle CRO at your business enterprise and the objectives to set:-

• New profits goal ÷ average sales price = total number of new customers.

• Total Number of new customers ÷ lead to customer close rate % = lead objective.

• Leads generated ÷ website traffic X 100 = conversion rate in percentage.

If you manage to increase the conversion rate from 1% to 2% then, you can double your leads and customers. Just trying to drive more website traffic is not necessarily the correct approach. CRO is about acquiring more benefits from what you currently have and making it work way better for you than before.
If you are ready to take the initial steps towards CRO at your organization then, check out the vital CRO strategies below for 2018 and start implementing them right away.
Significant Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Try Hands on In 2018:

Make Text-Based CTAs In Blog Posts: It is a great strategy to include Call-To-Action (CTA) in your blog posts, but it often fail to attract the target and to compel them for taking the expected course of action. The lack of attention, combined with the fact that website visitors do not always read the entire blog post because they “bite” on content, which means you need to employ a new approach. This is where the text-based CTA comes to your rescue. Write a standalone line of text hyperlinked with a landing page and fashioned as an H3 or an H4 tag to watch whether they can convert more web traffic into leads compared to the regular CTAs given at the bottom of the web-pages.

Comprise Lead Flows In Your Blog: Another strategy that every digital marketer must consider is to comprise lead flows in their blog. Basically, these are high-converting pop-ups custom-made to draw attention and deliver high value. Digital marketers can choose from a slide-in box, drop-down banner or pop-up box, according to their offer. You can achieve around 192% higher click-through-rate and 30% more submissions compared to a standard CTA given at the bottom of your blog post.

Test your Landing Pages: Landing pages are an extremely vital part of the modern digital marketer’s toolkit. A landing page is the place where a website visitor transforms into a lead, or a current lead engages more profoundly with your brand. These landing pages play a significant role for your website; therefore you must run A/B tests to reap maximum benefits from them. A high performing landing page could have a remarkable impact on your business, therefore you must quickly test the website copy, images, form questions, content offer and web-page design.

Develop Workflows For Your Sales Team: There are numerous automated workflows that you can develop which your colleagues in sales department will thank you for. Do you have an idea that you can send emails on behalf of the sales reps, so that the leads can book a meeting with them in just few clicks? Or that your sales reps can receive the email notification as a lead takes few high intent actions like browsing through the pricing page on your website? All of this and a lot more is possible through marketing automation.

Add Messages To the High-Converting Web-Pages: For amplifying the conversions, digital marketers must add messaging abilities to the high-performing web-pages like pricing or product pages, so that the leads get converted rather than just leave.

Leverage Retargeting Process For Re-Engaging Website Visitors: It does not matter what exactly your key conversion metric is. What matters the most is that people on your website do not take the desired actions that you want them to. Through leveraging retargeting, digital marketers can re-engage individuals who have left your website. Retargeting works wonders through tracking visitors towards your website and serving them with online advertisements as they visit other websites online. This is extremely impactful as you retarget customers that visit high-converting web-pages, however, the standard inbound rules will still apply- create a unique content, an appealing image and a convincing offer to retarget the customers to work with you.

There are numerous effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies out there to try hands on in 2018, but eventually, you must find out what exactly your target customers respond to and what drives the desired results for your company.

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