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Key measurements

Key measurements that can give you valuable insight leading to decisions that will improve your marketing program.

Here are three measurements that matter: Volume, Value, and Velocity.

Volume is the number of leads or deals delivered by a marketing program.

Value is how much these leads are worth; a program might not deliver a high volume of leads, but can still be a strong program because those leads produce a higher amount of sales.

Velocity considers how fast a lead converts to a sale. Cost per inquiry .

Measure results .For example, a program may have a high cost per inquiry but deliver highly qualified prospects and more sales. On the other hand, a program that delivers a low cost per inquiry might look good but not result in sales.

Brand awareness. Brand awareness is the fuel that powers other marketing programs and can help prospects accelerate through their buy cycle because they are familiar (and presumably comfortable) with your company and its reputation.

Good measurements of brand awareness include how much of your target audience you get in front of, the frequency of being in front of them, and cost per branding tactic.

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