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How relevant is your web site content ?

If you’re not asking about your web site relevancy, you’re definitely failing at SEO . No one knowsfor sure exactly how specific factors affect rankings, But as a general rule of thumb, always prudent ask yourself regularly : What more can I offer the users who I want to attract ? How can I be the most relevant website on a particular topic ? This means an abundance of informativeweb site content, and a diversity of web site & blog content that a user might be interested in. Don’t just load your site down with text. Make sure to include PDFs, videos,case studies , testimonials , FAQ’s and even links to outside resources that would be helpful for your users. Do anything you can to make your site extremely user relevant and useful for a visiting user, even if that means providing links to outside resources. All This will help you rank higher in search engines results for your key words .

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